Swiss Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

Rolex Submariner Replica general nicknamed"Water Monster",with which it is derived from the Sea-Dweller Rolex Sea- series is a major dive watch series,the difference is the depth of the sea water so deep,there is the case of the nine o'clock position helium valve,the most obvious difference is the appearance of the sea does not make a date magnifier . Water Monster launched in 1953,with the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and called Modern first professional diving Rolex Submariner replica watch ( content or controversial about this,please refer to Blancpain - Fifty Fathoms presentation ),the use of one-piece the screw-in caseback and crown waterproof,water resistant to a depth of 180 meters or 200 meters ( one after another after styles in strengthening water depth, current style waterproof to 300 meters ),in addition also has a unidirectional equipped with the required professional diving rotating bezel and so on. Kelpie biggest feature is the date on the magnifying glass table mirror"Cyclops"( or"Cyclops"),but in fact, the early models did not date display,date display with Ref . 1680 until 1962 was launched,after experiencing a Ref. 16800, Ref. 168000, until 1989 Ref. 16610 was finally stabilized, which until 2010 was re- generation facelift,can be said to be a very long life style ( another undated version also has been in trafficking,following date version after 2010 facelift,facelift rumors undated version is also rampant ) . Kelpie is the most representative of Rolex sports watch,as compared with the price of Daytona stopwatch function more inexpensive, entry of choice for many people then became a Rolex . 2010 launch of the latest generation Kelpie Ref. 116610 Rolex equipped using exclusive blue gossamer"Parachrom"the 3135 movement, the appearance of the face plate in addition to enlarge the pointer on the time scale,etc. elements, but also uses a ceramic material bezel that dramatically improves the texture of the bezel . In addition to the classic black-faced black circle style,this also launched a limited edition green face green circle,which is after 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the green circle Shuigui Limited Edition has a limited edition, is the most popular in recent years, Rolex one style .

1905,London, England . A young man named Wilsdorf,founded his own Rolex Submariner watch sales company. This year, he was only 24 years old. Even he did not think that this small company,that is the future movers and shakers in the political arena Rolex watch company . In 1926, based on the idea of deep-sea oyster case : OYSTER come out. These are two young men : PERRET PERREGAUX invention. This structure has the frame wire gong,gong gong wire wire lock and lock the bottom . The movement is completely sealed up. Reached the best waterproof. It became a cultural core ROLEX future .

40-50 years,the world of seabed deposits gradually attention. Mineral exploration and exploitation of marine resources is a marine career into human, material and financial resources of up to one of the most prominent is the oil,gas and manganese exploration and development,a time almost formed a worldwide craze. In 1950,Rolex Submariner a new model attracted people 's attention. In addition to features with ROLEX OYSTER outside,it added a new one called"TRN-O-GRAPH"rotatable timing functions. One hour is divided on the outer ring. Can accurately calculate the time span of one hour . From the appearance of view, it already has a significant feature of modern Submariner : the black face,black rotating bezel,round body scale,Mercedes needle. Note that its diameter is not large, only 34 5MM, it is equipped with a bubble back then popular movement :. A260. Water depth : 50M. In the head with a cross mark was famous . This is the Submariner earliest predecessor .

In 1953,Rolex Submariner company decided to produce a professional diving series. : ROLEX SUBMARINER Replica. Opportunity to develop the idea came from the design department . The main designer JACQUES COUSTEAU once in naval service,is a diving enthusiast, went to the deep sea,with particular emphasis very reliable timepieces . Rolex SUBMARINER must have: a good visibility underwater . High contrast ratio of black-faced large luminous needle,2, good anti-magnetic,waterproof,put the crash structure. 3,good corrosion resistance and resistance to severe temperature difference.

In 1953,father and explorer Auguste and Jean Piccard sneaked 3,150 meters underwater,creating a new submarine world record. Watch the birth of the world is also a superstar : Replica Rolex Submariner, because then it just developed by ROLEX deep dive tables outside on the load to the submarine dive 600 meters deep. This is undoubtedly crossed the English Channel in 1927 after the success of cruelty ROLEX second experiment .

October 21, 1954,CBS aired fifty minutes long black and white TV movie"Casino spy blood,"which can be said to be the first appearance Ying Guangmu 007,the year before it is worn come out on the limelight of Rolex Submariner, which also after Submariner, played the best advertising . 007 after the first movie,"Seventh agent",Sean Connery is still wearing Rolex Submariner Watch reportedly reluctant to discount Sean Connery wearing a Rolex Submariner,director Albert Broccoli had originally own use, has facelift NATO strap Swiss Rolex Submariner to Sean Connery used. Because of this story,and today there are particular his Submariner watch fans of the original metal table cloth worn replace NATO watchmaking belt.

Generations of Rolex Submariner Watches are in accordance with the development of marine development and exploration of the cause of the birth,they are more excellent features to meet the requirements of the times . Although they are not as gorgeous as Daytona, as many features,but it hides a Submariner in the adventurer's paradise,but also as a tool also has a strong practical value.

2003 is the 50th anniversary of the birth swiss ROLEX Submariner . ROLEX issued 16610 LV ( green circle ) as a 50th anniversary commemorative edition ROLEX Submariner . ROLEX Submariner experienced 50 years of ups experienced by the Swiss mechanical watch wins to decline re- renaissance era. ROLEX Submariner success will forever be etched in the ROLEX watch even milestone . 50 years, ROLEX Submariner as a watch, there is little change in shape . The media often say 50 years. And a watch factory in a series can do for 50 years,is not more need dedication and effort ? Perhaps, deep love to be able to change the situation .